Encrypted emails - FAQs

1.   Do I have to sign up to Egress Switch?

To be able to view the encrypted email, you will be required to sign up to Egress Switch.  

2.   Is it free to sign up to Egress Switch?


3.   What happens if I don’t sign up to Egress Switch?

You will not be able to access encrypted emails from us.

4.   How do I sign up?

To sign up, please click here to complete the basic registration form.

5.   Can I access encrypted emails from a mobile device? (e.g. Mobile/iPad)

Yes. An app is available on the Android and Apple store.

6. What happens if I forward an encrypted email to a new user?

Upon opening your email, the user will be given instructions on how to sign up to Egress Switch and gain authorisation, in order for them to view your email.

7. I exchange many emails with Hillier Hopkins LLP, am I required to login every time?

Egress Switch has a free piece of software that can be downloaded here and installed on your PC. This will log you in automatically when you logon to your PC, and also has the ability to link with Microsoft Outlook.

8.  What happens after link in email expires after 90 days?

When clicking on a link that has expired, you will be presented with a screen stating that the package is unavailable. One of the options on the screen is:
‘If the package is still unavailable, and your email has a .switch attachment, forward the email to open@switch.egress.com and you will receive a new link.’ Please follow these instructions to gain access to the email.

9. Can I save the email or attachments?

Most emails will have a ‘Download decrypted email message’ button, which will enable you to save the email, including any attachments. Attachments can be open and saved\printed separately from the email, if the email message is not required. If you do not have these options on your email, please contact the sender, as they will have placed restrictions on the email.

Click here to read more about online security.

For more information & support, please click here.

Should you have any other questions or require further assistance, please contact our helpdesk:

Phone: 01923 634443

Email: encryption@hhllp.co.uk

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