Contractor expenses

What contractor expenses can I claim?

Life would be a lot simpler if there was a definitive guide as to what constitutes genuine business expenses, however there isn’t. Each profession has their own particular anomaly and arguments for an expense that they incur because of the unusual nature of the business they are in. Some win, some lose.  

For details of what can and can't be claimed visit our FAQs section.

You can rest assured that the Hillier Hopkins Contractor Team keeps up to date with the latest rulings and any changes and will work with you to ensure that if it can be claimed as a legitimate business expense, it will be.

We provide our clients with a number of templates including an expenses form, to help simplify administration. All clients have a unique login to access these on this site. If you are an existing client please click on the following link to access these resources Client Forms and Templates

 For more information about expenses, speak to one of our experts.


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