Independent schools

Specialist advice and support for independent schools

Our experienced team has been auditing and advising independent schools for many years. They can help to make your audit process more efficient and streamlined and stop your audit costs from spiralling out of control. They also offer a full range of advice and support that helps to reduce your administrative burden and allows you to focus on running a successful school.


Preparation of the year end financial statements – SORP compliant
We can produce charity company accounts from your accounting records in compliance with statutory requirements and the Charities SORP, or provide a reduced proof read and technical update service if you would like to produce these in-house. Members of our charity team have the ICAEW charity accounting diploma.


Audit of the year end financial statements
You will no doubt need to have the financial statements audited, under either the Companies Act 2006 or the Charities Act 2006, and our firm qualifies as the necessary "statutory auditor". We maintain a mix of staff of differing grades to ensure we have the right cost structure to suit and all are registered with a UK accounting body.


Payroll services
We offer a fully managed payroll service. We guarantee the use of up-to-date software and have our payroll processes independently audited. We automatically provide the calculations and payslips, and can also initiate salary payments to your staff via the bank if needed. Our payroll staff are fully qualified and are able to answer a broad range of payroll queries.


Assistance with separate grant claims
Schools are often able to tap into additional income streams and we can provide assistance both with putting together the application for the grant, and the audit of the subsequent spend.


This is a difficult and complex tax and one from which charities are not exempt despite their status. Our VAT specialists are able to provide assistance with the preparation and submission of quarterly returns and more importantly, ensure that the organisation of the school and its non-grant income is structured in the most tax effective way. Specific advice is also available for one off large projects such as property development.


Teachers pension scheme & other benefits
We have experience of the annual returns required for the teachers pension scheme and we offer the audit of the end of year return of contributions. We will happily advise on other tax effective benefits that the school may wish to offer its staff.


Charitable company status
We are able to provide assistance and advice to the Board of Governors in running a charitable company. This would include advice on the legal duties and responsibilities of directors/trustees and good governance, as well as assisting with the company secretarial role of board minutes, appointments & resignations, annual returns and other filings at Companies House.


Employment & HR matters
We are able to provide assistance on routine employment and other staffing matters at a much lower cost than equivalent employment lawyers.


Bookkeeping services
This can be on a regular basis processing invoices or on a temporary basis to provide cover for maternity or sickness.


Assistance with budgeting and management information
We can prepare or review budgets for the year ahead, and monitor the management information as it is provided.